More About Masonry

beehiveMasonry is a global fraternity.  In the United States, each state has its own Grand Lodge, which oversees all the lodges in that state.  Outside of the United States, Grand Lodges typically exercise nation-wide jurisdiction. There are subtle differences between each Grand Lodge, but the principles of the order are practiced similarly throughout.

Masonic Image CollageA Mason is a man who professes faith in deity. As men of faith, we symbolically use the working tools of medieval stone masons to serve as ethical guidelines for our conduct, aspiring to be of service to mankind.  We congregate with like-minded men in a worldwide, ancient brotherhood that transcends all religious, cultural, and socioeconomic boundaries.  We share the virtues of honesty, integrity, tolerance, and aspire to live in a manner that betters the world.

Freemasonry is not a religion, nor is substitute for one, but a Mason must believe in God. Our beliefs do not rival religious doctrine nor do we seek to substitute or supplement the functions of organized religion.  We dedicate ourselves to a responsibility for perpetuating justice, charity, freedom, honesty, and integrity in all aspects of human behavior.


masonic_square_and_compass_01If you want to be a Mason.

You must be of upright moral character, profess a belief in God, and undergo a formal petitioning process.  As a Mason, you may discover deep human connections and commonalities in men with similar as well as very different belief systems from your own.  For more information about masonry in general, or about Jewel P. Lightfoot Lodge No. 1283  contact us at