Becoming a Mason

Contrary to what many believe, no one is invited to become a Mason!

If it is your desire to become a Mason, you must ask of your own volition.



We give those interested ample opportunity to meet and speak with us… just ask!

Initially, you will meet with just a couple of brothers who be able to answer questions you may have and get a feel for what has drawn you to the lodge. If all goes well, we may invite you back for open events where you can meet more of our members (we normally have 1 to 3 of these per month.)

To set up an initial meeting, please contact us at

The Process

First, we want to give you a good idea of what Masonry is and is not. It is perfectly acceptable to come to Masonry unfamiliar with our methods and aims in the beginning, and we hope this page will get you started on the right track and answer some of your questions. In due time, you may be given ample opportunity to ask us others.

Second, please get to know us! Our lodge is made of good men in pursuit of wisdom, self-improvement, and the accomplishment of benevolent goals that improve our community, our state, our nation, and our world. We want to get to know you personally and understand why you have sought out Masonry. The friendships you develop with members of our lodge will help us determine your suitability and preparedness to become a Mason in general and your personality fit with our lodge in particular (more on what we are looking for below!)

Finally, after you have some idea what Masonry is and have established some meaningful friendships with members of the lodge you wish to join, you may apply to be admitted by formally submitting a petition to the lodge.

What does this Lodge look for?

Masonry is not for everyone. We are very selective in the admission of new members. In order to be considered, a man must be of exemplary moral character and must believe in a Supreme Being. The specifics of his religious and political leanings are of no consequence to us, nor is his wealth or standing in the world – save that he ought to be able to adequately provide for himself and his dependents and have some leisure time regularly available for duty to the Craft.

As mentioned before, we expect that he will develop meaningful friendships with at least a few of our members, such that they are willing and able to speak to his character and suitability to become a Mason.

Every lodge has its own personality, and ours is quite unique. Our lodge has adopted as its vision: “A brotherhood of virtuous men – united in heart, mind, and spirit – in pursuit of greater consciousness through philosophical, intellectual, and spiritual engagement to the end that enlightenment may be revealed.” We believe that candidates well-suited for our lodge will feel a sense of affinity with this vision and a sense of belonging with our members.

Just as every lodge is different, so is every man who seeks to become a Mason. If we believe you would make a good Mason, we want to help you find the lodge that fits you best, whether it is our own lodge or not. There are more than 40 lodges in the greater Dallas area. Several of our members are widely traveled and would be happy to assist with introducing you to other lodges.

After you get to know us…

If you feel you are ready to formally apply to become a Mason, please ask one of our officers for a petition. Once you have completed it, bring the petition along with a photocopy of your birth certificate to any of the lodge’s functions you are invited to attend, and we will be happy to receive it.