About the Lodge

Jewel P. Lightfoot Lodge No. 1283 is a regular Masonic lodge that has been in continual existence since its chartering in December 1942 by the Grand Lodge of Texas. The lodge meets in downtown Dallas, Texas at the Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral. We aim to create a meaningful, traditional, and transformative Masonic experience for all who enter our doors.

Our lodge enjoys a reputation as a young, vibrant, and active lodge that is forward-thinking, but deeply reverential and observant of Masonic tradition. We are known for our educational dialogues and for dining after lodge meetings. We provide an inviting atmosphere where both our members and visitors can enjoy fellowship.

s_c_grainWhen seeking out a Masonic lodge, whether as a prospective petitioner or as a traveling Mason, a man should consider the culture of the lodge he is visiting. The following is a list of traditions, practices, and expectations that we at Jewel P. Lightfoot Lodge observe:

  • Only men of excellent moral character with a belief in Deity are considered for admission. We thoroughly investigate all petitioners and expect that a man will have already formed meaningful friendships with our members before his petition will be considered.
  • Our members are actively engaged in the study and application of Masonic symbolism and philosophy. We regularly make time for presentations, lectures, and dialogues of a Masonic nature, and every member is encouraged to participate by providing his own unique perspectives.
  • The lodge is a place for sacred work, and we dress appropriately to show our respect for the occasion and for each other. We recommend the Masonic standard of dress expected in most parts of the world: dark suit, white shirt, black necktie, white gloves, and apron.
  • Our ceremonies are conducted with utmost reverence, solemnity, and proficiency in order to provide a strikingly memorable and life-changing experience.
  • We adhere to a philosophy of advancement by merit with regard to our officers, committees, and candidates.
  • We strongly adhere to the Masonic principles of universality and equality, and congregate as a brotherhood of men from a variety of belief systems and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • After each meeting, we gather at a local restaurant in a spirit of fellowship, often inviting candidates and guests. We also host social events that allow candidates to meet our members.
  • We foster a culture of excellence, demanding the best of ourselves both in Masonry and in our personal lives. We take good men and make them better.