Ancient Free & Accepted Masons

Attention Master Masons:

Dues for 2017 are due by December 31, 2016, and can be paid by check mailed to the Secretary or paid online via Groupspaces (you must be a member of our Groupspaces group to pay online.)

If you encounter any trouble paying online, please email for assistance.

Officers of the Lodge
2016 – 2017

Master: David Bindel
Senior Warden: David Villegas
Junior Warden: Ryan Ward
Treasurer: Adrien Dubourg
Secretary: David Laster (pro tempore)
Chaplain: Rafael Merren
Senior Deacon: Eric Brewer
Junior Deacon: Christopher Thompson
Senior Steward: David Blakeley
Tiler: Rafael Babadzhanov

Jewel P. Lightfoot Lodge welcomed Bro. Robert Herd to give his lodge leadership seminar “Visionary Lodge Leadership”.

Bro. Herd has over 20 years of experience in international corporate leadership strategy and personal development. With these skills, Bro. Herd helps Masonic lodges improve themselves and develop quality leadership.

Our lodge was very appreciative of Bro. Herd taking the time to give this very helpful and insightful presentation to all the masonic lodges that were in attendance.

If you are interested in Masonry and would like more information, please contact us at